Soils and Compost

McEnroe uses various manures, leaves and organic food waste to produce compost for amending soil and ensuring a rich and biodiverse organic farm. Our composting operation receives manures, leaves and food waste, all of which we organically convert to a high quality soil amendment in the form of compost. McEnroe dedicates the majority of the compost we produce to our greenhouses, cold frames and fields to promote healthy soil and vigorous plant growth. We run the compost operation under a NYS DEC 360 permit.

For more than 20 years our premium soils, soil amendments and compost have been used by commercial landscapers, municipal parks, regional farms, gardens and green rooftops. We also produce special blends in convenient packaging for organic gardening at home. Our special blends are custom tailored to suit a variety of growing needs and are available in stores regionally and at the McEnroe Market. We are also equipped to accomodate bulk orders and deliveries. For more information on custom soil blends or to make a wholesale order, please contact: or (518) 789-3252

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Compost Permit Renewal 2015

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Soil Products

Premium Organic Compost

40 lb. retail bags

The main ingredient of our Premium Organic Compost is a slow releasing fertilizer and live soil amendment. Our compost adds organic matter and increases the biological activity of soil. Our compost has an excellent tilth and improves soil structure; it also increases the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients. Our compost is great for turning sandy or clay soils into garden beds and agricultural fields. It can be used as a top dressing for landscaping, lawns, and container plants.
Or use it as mulch for perennial garden beds, trees, and shrubs.

Premium Organic Potting Soil - OMRI Listed

22 quart retail bags, 1/20th cubic yard growers’ bags, 1 cubic yard sling bag, & bulk

Beginning with our Premium Organic Compost, sustainably harvested Sphagnum peat moss and sand to facilitate drainage, McEnroe’s Organic Potting Soil is fortified with quick releasing, organic nutrients and minerals to create an ideal rooting environment for developing plants. McEnroe’s Organic Potting Soil is our original formula and ideal for soil blocks, potting seedlings, transplanting, and amending garden beds.

2016 Premium Organic Potting Soil OMRI Certificate

Premium Lite Growing Mix - OMRI Listed

22 quart retail bags, 1/20th cubic yard growers’ bags, 1 cubic yard sling bag, & bulk

Our best selling product, Lite Growing Mix, has the characteristics of conventional “soilless” mixes without the addition of chemical fertilizers or wetting agents. OMRI listed, it can be used by organic growers who need a lighter weight mix for germination, seed starting, and container gardening. Developed in response to the needs of organic growers, our Lite Growing Mix begins with compost, peat moss, and horticulture perlite instead of sand. It has the same aeration, drainage, and water retention as our potting soil.

2016 Premium Lite Growing Mix OMRI Certificate

Nursery Planting Mix

1/20th cubic yard growers’ bags, 1 cubic yard sling bags & bulk

Nursery Planting Mix is a blend of compost and Sphagnum peat moss. It was developed for landscapers and nurseries requiring lower pH to mimic the acidic environment of woodlands. It promotes populations of beneficial fungi and microorganisms that are particularly important to maintain nutrient cycling in woodland systems. This mix is ideal when transplanting or top dressing Rhododendrons, Azaleas, or plants that are native to the deep woods.

Perennial Blend

1/20th cubic yard growers’ bags & bulk by special order

Perennial Blend is a mix of compost, peat moss, sand, and perlite. It is ideal for growing perennials in containers or garden beds. The sand and perlite allow drainage while the peat moss retains moisture. A potting mix with our highly nutrient dense Compost but without additional fortified quick-release nutrients. Perennial Blend is an ideal start for growers wanting to add their own nutrients as needed.

Enriched Topsoil Blend

40 lb. retail bags & bulk

An “ideal” agricultural soil, Enriched Topsoil is a favorite of landscapers and gardeners. Screened topsoil blended with compost. As all of our compost blends it is high in organic matter, slow-releasing nutrients, and beneficial micro-organisms. Great for establishing and smoothing lawn rough spots, filling in holes, or re-creating a landscape after construction.

Garden Bed Blend

We have 17,000 square feet of raised beds in 12 greenhouses for year-round growing and have developed the enriched Garden Bed Blend as the most productive and economical choice for raised bed gardening. A thoroughly blended mix of our Enriched Topsoil and Organic Potting Soil, the enriched Garden Bed Blend combines the drainage and quick-releasing nutrients of potting soil with the water retaining benefits of topsoil. A perfect blend to begin a raised-bed garden.

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