5409 Route 22, Millerton, NY 12546

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm Friday, Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm Closed Tuesdays

McEnroe Market sells a diverse selection of local, seasonal, and organic groceries, including McEnroe’s own farm-raised meats, vegetables, fruits and plant starts. We have prepared foods, regional dairy products, artisan bread, homemade baked goods, organic produce, nursery products and gardening supplies. Our products can help you maintain a healthful diet and a sustainable garden.

Local, Seasonal, and Organic Groceries

Year round we have a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, honey, dairy products, soups, breads, baked goods, cereals and much more. We take care to ensure that the food we sell is produced locally or certified organic.

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McEnroe Market carries our farm-raised certified organic beef, lamb, poultry, and naturally raised pork. Our meats are processed and flash frozen at a local USDA facility. A variety of classic German cuts of beef, lamb, and pork are available for shipping.

Call (518) 789-4191 or email for more information about stock and national deliveries using Federal Express or UPS.

Fruits & Vegetables

We never use synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, or genetically modified seeds. We rely on crop rotation, biological pesticide control, compost, and careful cultivation, growing only certified organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Our crops are specifically suited for the Northeast climate with a shorter growing season and longer harvests of cool weather crops. Additionally, with green houses and cold frames, we grow organic tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, field greens and herbs as early as April and as late as December. Visit our harvest calendar for a full list of our seasonal produce.


The McEnroe Market Kitchen started as an extension of the McEnroe's home. Sharon McEnroe pickled, baked, jammed, stewed, and simmered the farm's bounty into mouth watering foods. What started as a small roadside stand has gradually grown into our market and full service kitchen. Our current kitchen staff is focused on innovating upon traditional scratch recipes to make tasty foods that have a farm fresh flavor.

On the menu daily are deli sandwiches, soups, prepared dinners, sides, baked goods, and vegetarian dishes. Seasonally, we serve burgers, rotisserie chickens and grilled McEnroe meats. We also provide catering services. The kitchen uses the produce and meats grown organically on McEnroe Organic Farm, as well as certified organic and regionally grown foods.

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Organic & Regional Food

The McEnroe Market supplies our customers with all of their grocery needs for certified organic and regionally-grown food. We offer a wide selection of organic and regional products including, cheeses, milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, chips, seasonings, herbs, cookies, gluten-free items, dried bulk goods, sauces, and snacks.