This Week at McEnroe Farm

Market Specials December 19 - December 25, 2014
McEnroe's Own Certified Organic Rib Steaks and Leg of Lamb on Sale 10% Off McEnroe's Own Certified Organic Whole Chickens on Sale 10% Off Fresh or Frozen Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin on Sale 15% Off From The Kitchen: McEnroe's Own Beet Salad on Sale 15% Off Florida Crystal Organic Powdered Sugar on Sale 10% Off Jarlsberg Cheese on Sale 15% Off Woodstock Organic Cranberry Sauce, Jellied or Whole on Sale 15% Off We Have Our Holiday Meats Ready to Go, Order Your Hams, Turkey, Beef and Lamb Today! We Also Have A Full Menu, To Help You Thru The Holidays.